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If you are like me and my family, summer means things like outdoors, bbq, lengthy car trips: I was asked to try out a few cool items from a neat company called “Bubble Bum” and I am thrilled to tell you all about them.  First of all for my two, fighting in the backseat can become stressful and quite honestly just annoying.  Also: my kids make such a darn mess of the backseat.  I am happy to report an organized car right now with our new Junkie.  Basically, this is a back seat organization system that fits perfectly between my kids with cup holders, 2 adorable retractable trays for snacking or drawing, an inside tote with insulated section for keeping things warm or cold and a super cool tech-sharing clip that you can attach your tablet to.  Voila: your kids have equal access to the device like their own backseat screen.  If you need to take the tote with you, you can easily pull out the inside bag and go.  The sides of the “junkie” can fold in and out like an accordion to make it fit as you would like.  This is priced at $39.99.



Also a cool item for the car or mini van is their Sneck.  Both of my kids do NOT love sleeping in the car because they get a stiff or sore neck from the angle they are sitting.  Well… enter this super cool pillow that easily attaches to the headrest.  You adjust the bungy for your comfort.  This pillow can be positioned exactly as your child would like (one of my kids likes to lean it up against the window).  There is a cool pouch on the side so your favorite pal doesn’t fall on the floor where they cannot reach it.  I love the microbeads and how super soft and cozy it really is.  This pillow system costs $14.99.



This is an amazing group of fantastic products.


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