Book review: Real Happiness by Jonah Paquette

We all want to be happy. From the days of the constitution to the study of positive psychology in recent years, happiness is important to us as human beings. But, do you know what will make you happy? Real Happiness Proven Paths for Contentment, Peace and Well-Being by Jonah Paquette makes greater happiness achievable for all of us.
Paquette is a clinical psychologist who is an expert in the field of happiness. Though an expert, he takes research from the areas of neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices making it accessible and easy to read.  
He takes a comprehensive look at this information and alongside facts gives practical exercises to apply to real life. Paquette first looks at what happiness is and what blocks us from happiness. He then explains 7 happiness boosting principles: Gratitude, Kindness and Altruism, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Self-compassion, Optimism and Connection.
Even if you live a busy life, the exercises like keeping a gratitude journal or performing acts of kindness and joting down how they make you feel, are simple and quick enough to add to your day and have an impact. Some principles may resonate more with you than others, so I recommend reading the book through and then going back and trying the exercises based on which area or areas would help you most.
‘Real Happiness’ is worth the read and the proven methods of creating lasting happiness are certainly worth putting into practice to bring more real smiles to your face and real happiness to your life.

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