Premier Protein Bars

I tried the greatest stocking-stuffer for your fitness buff today.  We are so busy and on the go all day long; so often we run to a quick and junkie food option.  Premier Protein bars bring us the energy we need and crave right when you need it the most: before school and work, after a workout, for an energy boost, as a meal replacement.  The options are endless and I have to say they taste great!  I sampled a few different flavors this week and each packs a punch with 15g protein and 7g of fiber.  Dark Chocolate Mint was by far my favorite; this bar totally filled my yearn for chocolate and the mint was the perfect complement.  Chocolate Peanut Butter really did the trick in my afternoon slump.  Who doesn’t love the chocolate/peanut butter combo especially when its good for you?!?  So many yummy options including white chocolate, raspberry, caramel and more.  These are gluten-free, contain zero artificial colors and flavors and once again are an amazing source of fiber and protein.  Can’t make up your mind which ones to purchase? Scoop up their variety pack of 12 for around $22.  Each individual bar retails for under $2 making your meal and snack but good for your wallet and your body.  For more information and to make a purchase please visit  I love their website as it has great recipe ideas and the motivation to confirm you are making a great decision in healthier habits.  You can also scoop them up at some local supermarkets!

premier protein

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