Buddha Board

I will admit this pandemic has me going a little nutty over here.  I for sure need a good and creative distraction to get my mind off stress/germs/quarantines/who just coughed near me etc.  They say art is a great stress release; enter this great new product that was handed to me to try out this week and I couldn’t be more on my way to “zen”.  We are loving Buddha Board and we know you will too!

This is very simple: you paint on the surface with water and watch as your creation comes to life before your eyes.  When the water evaporates you art will “disappear” and then you have a great clean slate to start over again.  I am totally “letting go” of my day and using my mind for something so much better (creativity!)  Sometimes I just write my name in script but I still feel the weight come off my shoulders.  Just be careful to not overly saturate the board and you can use this magical stress release for years to come!   Original Buddha Board is just $35 and Mini Buddha Board is $15 – this one I stick in my tote in case I want to be creative on the go.  This is perfect for travel; you never have a reason to not have this innovative item with you at all times!