Sabra Kids Plant-Based Snack Kits

Sabra is well known for their delicious hummus, and now they are getting kids eating their veggies with two delicious flavors of their new Sabra Kids plant-based snack kits.  As parents, we all have felt the pain of trying to satisfy the bottomless snack pits we call kids, while making sure that what we give them is healthy for them.  Sabra Kids makes it easy with their two flavors- Taco Dip with Rolled Tortilla Chips, and Brownie Batter Dip with Graham Cracker Sticks.  Each of the snack kit flavors are Kosher, and only 160 calories per serving.  The main ingredient for both the taco dip and the brownie batter dip is cooked chickpeas, so the kids won’t even know just how nutritious the snack really is under the crowd pleasing flavors.

The Taco Dip with Rolled Tortilla Chips has a good fresh flavor, and the rolled tortilla chips perfectly balance out the dip with a nice crunch.  The Brownie Batter Dip with Graham Cracker Sticks is not only healthy, but I can vouch that it satisfies that midnight chocolate craving!  My four year old loved the perfectly portioned snack kits, and they are just right for lunchboxes, taking on the go, or grabbing for an afternoon snack at home.  My husband even liked them, and I didn’t let on that they were plant based because he was enjoying them so much.  The snack kits come in a box of three and are refrigerated.  To find a retailer near you, check out–rolled-tortilla-chips.html.