Budsies Selfie Puppet

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Are you looking for a custom gift that’s unique and fun? Budsies made me a custom selfie puppet from a picture I submitted. Within a few weeks of submitting a picture and a shirt that I wanted the puppet to wear, I received the cutest selfie Realtor custom puppet. I was really excited to open the box! The puppet looked like a cartoon version of me. It was super adorable and creative. Their creative team really took my idea to the next level. The puppet is very cute,  extremely soft, and a quality-made product.

Besides selfie puppets, you can submit artwork. If your child draws something adorable and you want to bring it to life, you could upload the drawing on their website and place your custom order for a Budsies puppet or stuffed animal.

Budsies puppets are great for imaginative play. It’s a good companion and that special keepsake that will be treasured for a long time. Turning art and selfies into amazing stuffed animals is a great concept.

I love that even authors have brought the characters in their books to life! They bring the plush along on author visits. Having arranged author visits in the past for my kid’s school PTA, I’ve seen that the kids interacted more when the authors brought props with them, and it also made the author visit more engaging. If I was an author of a book I would love this idea!

Budsies makes additional products including custom pillows, custom socks, custom keychains, bobbleheads, and more. There are great gift ideas for everyone in the family, as well as your friends! Make sure to place your orders early for that special occasion. Budsies will be sure to create joy and excitement!