The Love Selection Box from Lakrids by Bülow

image of The Love Selection Box from Lakrids by Bulow

Do you know someone who loves licorice and chocolate?  Look no further!  The Love Selection Box is a perfect gift for someone who loves chocolate and licorice.  It’s very different from the usual box of chocolates.  The combination of the chocolate with licorice is surprisingly unique and delicious.

The flavors in the heart-shaped gift box include:

  • original
  • salt and caramel
  • dark and sea salt
  • strawberry and cream
  • fruity caramel
  • wild blueberry
  • classic- salty caramel

The Love Selection Box is made by Lakrids by Bülow, a Danish company that produces high-quality licorice products. Founded by Johan Bülow in 2007, the company has since become known for its innovative approach to licorice.

Choose from an assortment of licorice products, including classic flavors like salted and sweet licorice, as well as more unique flavors like chocolate-covered licorice and licorice with chili. The products are made using high-quality ingredients and are designed to be enjoyed by licorice lovers of all ages.

Lakrids by Bülow has won numerous awards for its products. It has been recognized as well for its commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices. The company sources its ingredients from sustainable sources and works closely with its suppliers to ensure that all of its products are produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Enjoy wonderful chocolates by Lakrids by Bülow which are made for anyone who loves licorice and is looking for high-quality, innovative products. Whether you prefer classic flavors or more unique combinations, you’re sure to find something to love in their range of products. The little balls are bursting with flavor. Experience it yourself!