Bushwick Kitchen is my New Favorite Hot Sauce

Bushwick Kitchen makes a variety hot sauces, and upon discovering it, I’ve now rewritten my book on hot sauce. I was very particular about my hot sauce and very particular about those of which I will dedicate my precious refrigerator space.


Bushwick Kitchen has such a variety of different hot sauces that it’s really hard to summarize in one. A lot of places I have found were good and one thing and one specialty, but Bushwick kitchen has shown that you could be good at a variety of things.


For example, they have the Bees Knees Salted Honey and Spicy Honey. I’ve never had spicy honey before and now I could see how this can be my new thing. Definitely could see how I could easily be cooking with it.


They have the Weak Knees Hot Sauce which contains Angry Orchard which is coincidentally my favorite cider to drink. This hot sauce definitely is hot so be cautious on how much you put in or you will be gasping for your next breath.


But the highlight that everybody seems to be googling about is their Gochujang Sriracha. This is like the world-famous classic Sriracha you’ve heard of but done at a different level.


Overall this is the kind of company that I will be ordering from again and again. If you’re looking for a gift basket for the hot sauce guy who has everything, this can cover quite a few of the bases.

Check them out at Bushwick Kitchen.

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