EyeQue Vision Quest

During these trying Pandemic times who wouldn’t rather do certain medical tests at home if possible?!?  I checked out the great at-home vision check testing this weekend from EyeQue and was so pleasantly surprised with the quality.

EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit is a blue-tooth powered refractometer that measures refractive error like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  The results come out just like going to your eye doctor’s office; you get the results you need to purchase your reading or progressive glasses right online from the comfort of your home.  The equipment couldn’t be easier to use; you just need a compatible smartphone and internet connection.

Here is what came in the EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit ($159.00) I received:

Use the EyeQue Insight to test your vision performance, test your current glasses or contacts, test your color vision and your contrast sensitivity.  You can also create profiles for your entire family and check everyone at the same time easily.

Use EyeQue VisionCheck to measure refractive error, order glasses online and share your results with others.

Use EyeQue PDCheck to measure your pupillary distance instantly.

The soft shell carrying case comes with the Insight smartphone attachment/app, remote control,  VisionCheck attachment/app and PDCheck.

It did not take long to set up and I feel like we can do some routine testing right here and be comfortable at home on our own schedule.   This is unique, one stop shopping to get your app, test your vision and order the glasses/contacts you need.  Check them out!