Cafe Valet Brewer

Coffee brewing for our busy lives just got a lot easier.  So happy to try out the single-serve coffee maker from Cafe Valet.  Within seconds I have a hot fresh brewed “cup of joe” to my liking.  Now super cool and totally different than the other convenient coffee makers out there are Cafe Valet’s single brew baskets that are disposable after use.  The quality and aroma of the coffee is second to none.  Opening each package really starts my day.  I am beyond thrilled with how hot and fresh my cup of coffee was; I just couldn’t believe how easy the process was for such a delicious cup of java.  The system is super easy to pack with you on your next trip as well as being really energy efficient.  There is simply nothing to do but brew your coffee; there is no mess and no filters to clean; just really delicious coffee that leaves very little environmental footprint!  I will be taking my Cafe Valet on my next trip with the kiddies.  My favorite “Caribou Coffee” and “Marley Coffee” are available as well as their own delicious french vanilla and reg/decaf blends.  This is a must have system for offices and dormitories making it an excellent holiday gift.  Cafe Valet’s brewing system is excellently priced at around $20; please visit their website for more information and to make a purchase:

cafe valet


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