Happy Holidays Game

Perfect as a stocking stuffer this holiday season is “Happy Holidays”, the super fun card game from NorthStar Games.  Inspired by a concept we can all relate to (our “best” and “worst” received holiday gifts), you will for sure have as much fun as my family did this weekend playing this ingenious card game.  Here is how it goes: you pre-determine who is the gift receiver and who are the gift givers; then each player gets 5 cards and gifts one of them to the receiver.  Now is when the funny discussion of the gifts happens and the receiver picks the best and worst gifts of the bunch.  Gift options include remote controlled robots, your very own island as well as puppies and sleigh rides.  The goal is to be awarded 5 points before everyone else; the best and the worst are rewarded each round and the others cards thrown back into the gift giving pot.  “Happy Holidays” is perfect for ages 6 and up and great for 3-8 players.  It is perfectly priced at around $13.00 making it perfect for any holiday budget.  My family and I laughed for hours and even reminisced of gifts from the past.  It was a great way to spend the evening.  For more information please visit http://www.northstargames.com/ for more information and to purchase NorthStar Games.

happy holidays

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