Can It Just Get Warmer Out So We Can Play With Our AEROBIE!

We had the mildest winter here in the Northeast; now that March has begun it is of course completely freezing.  Just ridiculous!  All the stores are carrying warm weather clothes and I just was in Florida getting accustomed to 85 degree weather.  I came home inspired to get the kids outside in the fresh air.  Sort of a “back to the basics” kind of no phones/tablets/nonsense/drama in conjunction with tricking them into playing together.  And liking each other.  I know…that is surely asking a lot.

I was asked to try out this cool, flying disc called the Aerobie.  They have two awesome options one for day and one for night.  Their “Pro Ring” was actually used to set a Guinness World Record for farthest throw (1,333 feet to be exact).  It is available in a few assorted colors and has this awesome rubber edge that makes throwing and catching easier!  I have to say, the kids laugh at me (I am the worst at frisbee) and this 13 inch disc is just so user-friendly!  The recommended age is 12 and up; the cost around $10.00 making this a super great treat, gift etc.  You can purchase easily at your local Target, BJ’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon and Hobby Lobby to name a few.

You would rather play with your Aerobie at night? At the beach? No problem – they offer an awesome Skylighter Disc that has LED lights that keep the entire disc illuminated all night!  This disc measures about 12 inches in diameter and is also available in a few colors.  It has a nice cushioned edge that makes throw and catch easy (and keeps the tears at bay in the sibling competition on my front lawn!)  This ring will cost you $15.99 and is a great buy for the upcoming spring and summer nights!

The Company has other options, shapes etc so please don’t hesitate to check them out!  I was so happy my kids were laughing and having fun (for a few minutes since I didn’t want to deal with face chapping LOL).  But warmth is coming I just know it and we are ready for some outdoor fun!


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