Top Ten Places to Eat in Shelburne, Ontario Canada by Ed Roman

Johhny’s Pizza Shelburne
There are so many conventional style pizzerias that deliver right to your front door. They all pale in comparison when it comes to Johnny’s Pizza on Main Street in Shelburne Ontario. Some of the finest crusts and homemade sauce that will tantalize your pallet. Sam puts a lot of love and pride into those circular masterpieces. You can taste the difference ladies and gentlemen. Definitely a place that has given historical pizzerias in the city of greater metropolitan Toronto a run for their money and then some. I absolutely love the supersize with double cheese pepperoni onions mushrooms and pineapple ladies and gentlemen..! Absolutely fantastic service, cordial employees and the owner cares about every pizza he sends from that location. Excellent delivery service..

Hyland Fish & Chips
Crispy delicious and just the way you like your fish and chips. I’m a sucker for great fish and chips and Highland F&C on the corner of Highway 89 and 124 in the town of Shelburne is no exception. Whether you’re heading up to the beach in the summer or up to your snow chalet’s with your family skiing in the winter or just want to bring it home, Highland fish and chips is a great place to pick up that ready to go take with you classics. Some of my favourite are the fried clams or the fisherman’s platter. I could take that to the bank then down to the dock then back to the bank again.. wonderful service and a nice family environment.

South 88
Thai food par excellence when it comes to the Orangeville area. This wonderful family run business has been in the bustling little community of Orangeville for a long time. Fast and wonderful service. But don’t let that scare you. Some of the most tastiest dishes that you can find in our area. Located just down in Orangeville South 88 is a go to for me for just about anytime I’ve got that craving for Pad Thai. I can’t resist those beautiful vermicelli noodles in that tangy sauce with tofu chicken and shrimp topped with beans sprouts and peanuts. Another must while I am there is the squid. Crispy and perfectly cooked served with a wonderful plum sauce. It’s definitely a place where you can feel the family environment.

Healthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen
This wonderful place in the town of Shelburne offer some of the most healthy and holistic type of food you can get. Seasonal and local vegetables are always on the chefs mind and you are guaranteed something local and splendidly prepared while there. Great Wi-Fi and a wonderful place to hang out and have coffee or grab a bite to eat. Brenda the owner is one of the most nicest people I’ve ever met. You can definitely feel her passion and exuberance for what she provides to her community. It stands out like a beautiful magical signpost on the main street and it is a must and when coming through or stopping for something to eat in the town of Shelburne.

Jelly Craft Bakery

Of course one of the quintessential parts of our history here in Shelburne Ontario or Canada for that matter comes from none other than the Jelly family. One of the first ever woolly mammoth’s was discovered on Mr. Jelly’s farm many years ago and currently resides at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The family’s heritage is a quintessential part of the town as it boasts a wonderful bakery unlike most in small towns. Fantastic bread sandwiches coffee and hundreds of different kinds of yummy preserves to choose from on a regular basis.

I absolutely love tasty bake goods and a cup of coffee whenever I am headed into or out of town..

Mrs. D. Jerk, Roti and Pastry
I got to say I love Caribbean food and sometimes it’s hard to find it. This awesome location nestled in one of the most unsuspecting locations in the town of Orangeville has some of the most fantastic Caribbean food around. Mrs. D is a fantastic person and the salt of the earth. Would do just about anything for her clients. Walking into that place is like walking into a location in Jamaica. Fantastic drinks from the West Indies including one of my favorite, peanut punch. I love their roadies as they are so juicy and tasty and Mrs. D puts a little extra love and care and to every rap she makes. Definitely worth the stop when coming through or stopping for something tasty to eat. Thank you Mrs. D for being there..

This place across the street from a non-mentioned major is definitely a go to when I am either hanging out talking with people or just want to grab a quick sandwich. These fantastic people are some of the nicest and most cordial that you can find around. Treating everybody like family. Some of my most favourite tasty sandwiches there are the corn beef on rye. Just like you had it in a deli.

Baked bread every day and buns they will make you any sandwich that the planet earth has to offer. I love their veggie sandwiches on a cheese bagel with cream cheese onions tomato and cucumber. Monster sizes and definitely affordable and economical..

Terra Nova Public House

The Terranova public house is one of the best kept secrets that we have in the Dufferin Hills area. You might want to make a reservation for this place folks because people are banging down the door. Fantastic local food prepared with an elegance similar to something in the countryside novel or fairytale. This location hosts a wide variety of music and gathers its strength continually from local food in and around our area. Troy and Anna are some of the most hospitable people that you can find and it is a wonderful family environment. Excellent staff and an amazing bar with just about everything to choose from. Definitely a place that feels like family. I absolutely love their Caesar salad. Completely to die for with homemade speck bacon.. ahhhhh Yum..

The Terra Nova Public House Restaurant is located at 667294 20th Sideroad at the intersection of 20th Sideroad and 2nd Line East in the hamlet of Terra Nova Ontario. Terra Nova is located in Mulmur Township.


The Dufferin Public House

The Dufferin public house is a newer advent to our community on the main street of Shelburne. We’ve needed a place like this for a long time and the Dufferin public house provides a wonderful atmosphere to sit with friends, listening to music and sharing some good cheer over some tasty cool beers. Nestled in the basement of this fantastic ol church this pub is definitely a wonderful place to visit before taking in a show at our local theatre.

They definitely make a fantastic bowl of chilli and garlic bread for a tasty treat..

Beyond The Gate

A taste of France you say. Looking for a certain “Petit quelque chose” .. then this extraordinary crêpe Café is the place you want to visit. Created by Parisienne crêpe artist Frederic Chartier Beyond the gate is one of those locations that will be a part of your memory banks pallet of exquisite memories of tastes of a long time. Unlike any experience you’ve had before, this restaurant boasts nothing but the most ambrosia like crapes that you’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. Should read more like “once upon a time there was a menu with crapes on it.” If you are looking for an experience that is romantic and charged with atmosphere then Beyond The Gate. is definitely a place to visit. Make sure you book ahead though because this wonderful hidden out-of-the-way place is very busy and sought after by those with a golden pallet.? Ohhhhhhh the crapes.

ABOUT ED ROMAN: Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations, worldwide. Ed is a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, a 2014 and 2018 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a two-time 2015 IMEA Award nominee, a 2015 and 2016 Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed won a 2017 Radio Music Award for Best Americana Artist.

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