I can make myself pretty if I really want to….

Moms; we have all been there and you know it.  None of us know when/how it happened but at some point we sort of stopped caring about the “two-hour get ready to go out” process and basically switched to yoga pants and tank tops.  I will full on admit I sometimes completely forget to take my makeup off from the night before.  And this has nothing to do with a late night out.  I just totally forget and get comfy with my Netflix.

Sometimes this gig gives me an excuse to treat myself; today is one of those days.  I received an awesome bag of cosmetic goodies from Vivienne Sabo and I felt the luxury immediately.  Who doesn’t want “red carpet ready” lashes? My issue is always how sticky they get with mascara and I get turned off to the process.  This lines “Cabaret Premiere” is the total opposite; this wand gives your lash length and curl and there is simply no smudging at all!  I think part of the magic is in the brush; a truly exceptional eye makeup experience.  And all the while this is available on Amazon!

Next up; your lips.  I am trying out three different colors from their ” Matte Magnifique” line of matte lip color.  These are smooth and rich colors; I have “222” (wine color), “220” (a pretty mauve) and “216” (a vibrant red) and each one exceeded my expectations.  These are long-lasting truly vivid colors that stay with your lips!  I want to mention the super soft feeling after application.  If gloss is your thing (it is totally my thing!) then check out their “Couleurs Fraciches” line.  There are 12 yummy flavors to choose from and the range in option will surely fit your style/needs!  I have “#11” which is a pretty coral; the color is rich, my lips are soft and I feel them repairing themselves after the hectic day I’ve had.  Finally, I have this awesome “Rouge Charmant” from the Parisienne line.  This is lipstick like no other.  Here is what I will say; no matter which item(s) you try; you will agree it is luxury color, luxury feel and luxury last to this line of make up.  Everything is really reasonably priced as well!  Stocking stuffers galore!  Treat yourself people; we do enough being moms/employees/chauffeurs.  This is a must!

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