Mora Cosmetics – Natural Halal Makeup

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Mora Cosmetics is a different type of makeup. Halal makeup is a fairly new concept. It’s makeup that contains no alcohol, animal fats, or harsh chemicals, and Muslims can pray with the makeup on. Is it makeup just for Muslims? No, actually it’s made for everyone. Halal beauty is a category of makeup for anyone seeking a clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup alternative.

It was created by necessity when the co-founder had a high-risk pregnancy and was told to avoid traditional makeup. She quickly noticed her options for natural makeup were not what she expected and halal makeup options were lacking. Together, Minara El-Rahman and Jasmine Dayal wanted to create a clean cosmetics line that nourishes beauty, not masks it.  Hence, the launch of their company, Mora Cosmetics.

I tried the following satin sheen multisticks:

  1.  Hyped
  2. Jessie’s Girl
  3. Minxy

I noticed the shape of the multistick is rounded and bigger than the average lipstick. It doubles as a blush for your cheeks.

All the colors are beautiful. My favorite is the Hyped, which is more of a rich burgundy color. The company refers to it as a Bordeaux. It is really gentle and I barely feel like I’m wearing anything on my lips. It’s a beautiful vibrant color that works with my fair skin and brightens my face nicely without it being overbearing. It’s attractive and works well with casual or dressy apparel.

Jessie’s Girl is a shade darker and more vibrant than Hyped. It’s more attention-grabbing and makes a statement.

Minxy is a powdered blush pink shade. It’s playful and fun—very discreet yet appealing. The rose nude color is perfect for everyday wear.

All shades enhance the natural beauty within. They are very lovely and gentle.

Multisticks retail for $30. Check out the Mora Cosmetics website for more information.