Can we all agree that macing children is bad?

I realize that we are in a divided country and every opinion seems to have a counter point. Rioters are thugs, we shouldn’t riot, rioting is the voice of the silenced.

My question and point is simple: Can we all agree that macing children is bad?

I don’t want to comment on whether the child should be there. I don’t want to isolate all the nuances. These are complicated issues that I will never accomplish or solve here. My question is simple: Macing is bad on kids?

Let us not change the issue.  Let us not turn this into a question of supporting the police or not. It’s not a question of black versus white.  Simply can we as a society agree that macing children in itself is bad.   As a parent can we have our leaders condemn these actions.  Regardless of which side of your political spectrum can we encourage our leaders to condemn without any addendum.

I feel like everything becomes something else.  “Macing is bad BUT she shouldn’t be there” or “Macing is bad but you gotta…”

No, simply macing is bad.  This was bad.

The office in this case seems to have taped over his badge with twitter users rushing in to identify him and escalate.

My question is simple. Where do we all agree? Do we all agree that macing children is bad?


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