SpaceX Launch Inspires Daughters – Top Reactions on Twitter

The SpaceX launch made history being the first launch on American soil in quite a few years.  That said the reactions of daughters watching with their moms was also inspiring.  Fortunately it had an added benefit that space exploration always brings.  It inspires our children.

We’ve scoured the interwebs to find some daughters inspired by this all and were not left disappointed.  Moms and daughters were watching together which will hopefully bring a new generation of girls getting into science.

Below are our favorite reactions to the SpaceX launch from internet users around the world.  Were you inspired by the SpaceX launch yourself?


1) This is parenting at it’s best.  Mom made a suit!

2) You can see their excitement from their faces!

3) Nerdy is awesome! Science is awesome!

4) Okay, this is inspiring and just shows the effect on kids.

5) Mom!  I love when kids have the “Mom!!!” face.

6) She’s inspired at age 3! That’s awesome!

7) I always wanted to know the story of the dinosaur!

8) I love seeing her intent face.

9) OMG! Her face!

10) I mean she could just record on the screen… but kidding! That’s what makes this adorable!