Can you get fresh greens in the middle of the winter?

I sometimes miss the fact that in the summer I could get fresh greens from farmer’s stands whenever I would like. In fact, I found that I would simply put on more and more weight throughout the winter because I basically binged eating unhealthy foods until summer starts and then I eat greens all the entire month of May.

Farmer Jones Farm has this high nitrates fresh greens box which simply defies logic. These are greenhouse greens that look as fresh as the summer but arriving to your doorstep overnight in perfect condition.

Now on one hand I feel it might be considered a luxury buy. I could probably find greens of some form like this in the local supermarket but on the other hand none of this quality. You’re not going to find these in your average supermarket and you have to usually go to some form of Whole Foods or another place.

But even then, I’m not sure if you’re getting this level of quality is here I can tell exactly what farm this is coming from. Something seems to comfort me when I could actually look at the farm and know that specifically, I am eating lettuce grown straight from Lee Jones and Bob Jones Junior, straight from northern Ohio. I feel as if a lot of food is mass produced to such a degree and simply love the idea of a farmers market. This is basically like getting a farmers’ market shipped right to your door.

Is it luxury and indulgent? In a way, yes it is but it seems a ridiculous question at times when it comes to health. I like eating healthy and I like having healthy things on the idea of healthy and convenient seems a no-brainer in this situation.