Rhonda Shear Is Comfortable and On Sale

When it comes to lingerie and pajamas, I’ve reach the point in my marriage where I don’t really want or need to have intimates that look like I am trying to earn some extra cash on the side. There comes a point in a woman’s life where I’d like a balance between intimates that look nice but yet do not look like they were made in some form of sweat factory and /or have the ulterior look of me wanting to  dance for money. Sorry, that was for a decade ago when I was single.


What I like about Rhonda Shear is that they focus on the quality and still have it look adorable and sexy.

Do you see here in this photo, they are bras and pajamas, but the design and feel obviously prioritize comfort and quality. I’m really not in the mood to prioritize anything but comfort. But yet, if you could see, these look absolutely amazing and yet sexy too.


But what I also love about them right now is they are of extended their holiday sale for Christmas to go out till the end of the month. If you sign up for the newsletter, it’s 20% off at this point.


I’m telling you if you’re looking for intimate that are going to focus on quality in, this is a perfect fit. With the sale added to it, they can’t be beat.