Capri Sun

Lunchbox, sandbags…. It just doesn’t matter.  Capri Sun juice pouches are a mainstay in this household.  We had the pleasure this past week of sampling a few of their awesome varieties and quite honestly my kids were thrilled with whichever pouch I tossed their way!  Their original juice drink (available in too many flavors to list: fruit punch, grape, lemonade, orange, strawberry and more) are reformulated with 35% less sugar than competitors; my kids loved the lemonade and I love that they are avoiding excess and unnecessary sugars.  Their “100% juice” pouches contain ZERO added sugar and run about 80-100 calories a pouch.  Available in 5 great flavors (my daughter is a fan of berry) these are the perfect “feel good as a mom” solution.

Sometimes I feel like my kid needs more hydration and that’s where Capri’s “Roarin’ Waters” flavored water beverage comes in.  These are amazing; sweetened with a little stevia, they are 30 calories a serving and super awesome.  “Strawberry Kiwi” is a staple in my fridge.  And as a mom, I know my kid gets water and not all juice.  Oh, and if you have a picky kid who refuses veggies like one of mine: “Super V” juice drink is a great way to sneak that in.

Finally and super impressive, my kids sampled their “Organic” USDA certified juice pouches.  This is no added sugar, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and I may be in love with the feeling of awesomeness as a mother that comes over me as I pack them for the kids.  Check them out:

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