I am always on the hunt for a great beauty product or accessory.  I think everyone should stop what they are doing and check out great things brought to you by Momoup.  I received a sample of their wonderful “makeup blotting papers” and where have these been my entire life?!?  Basically these 100% imported Japanese MINO-WASHI papers absorb oil or even environmental “life” off your face without touching your makeup.  These did not irritate my skin at all (and I am super sensitive) and they are odorless.  You can easily refill the adorable panda case (it looks exactly like a lipstick tube) and pop it right into your tote so you always have it.  It retails for about $10 making it the affordable accessory.

I also tried out the company’s “cotton finger cot cleaning facial makeup remover pads”.  Wow that was a mouthful for such a simple and awesome product.  These are super soft and fit over 2 fingers.  They have cleansing lotion built right in so you just wet it and clean the day away!  These come packaged so super compact (2 to a pack) so easy to also pop in your purse or even your travel bag for on the go.  These worked so well with my sensitive skin as well and they really removed the makeup (even my eye makeup which is usually a pain)!  Please check them out:

You will surely love these products as much as me!

momoup-1 momup-2

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