Carbona is helping with my holiday clean up

I dare you to find one ornament or piece of tinsel in this house.  I am soooo OVER the holidays.  I woke up and said “OMG Christmas vomited all over this house” and just like that it had to go.  STAT.

After the boxing and packing, comes the major “spring like” cleaning by yours truly.  The carpets always take the brunt of the battering and I just tried the 2-in-1 Oxy Carpet Cleaner by Carbona and it did the trick!  So super easy to use; the applicator brush is attached right to the bottle of solution so you pour and brush out all those tough beverage, sneaker tracked in dirt etc.  If you have a bigger area to clean check out their carpet steam cleaner!

For your laundry needs (like who hasn’t spilled glass of wine 3 on their new blouse…LOL) I am loving their Stain Devils line of products.  They are specific to your needs like “coffee, tea, wine and juice” for example.  You simply treat your item prior to wash/dry cycles and you can actually wear the blouse again!

All of these products are really easy to use and are very reasonably priced.

Get started cleaning up your abode from the holiday mess!

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