Why you all should have a SmartControl Gas Container

So this really happened in my home two weeks ago.  The husband stubbornly ignored the “need gas now you idiot” light and actually ran out of gas dropping my daughter off at an after school activity.  Enter me; Super Wife, complete with cape to get him to the gas station and back to the car.

But what a total and harrowing mess – the gas container we had was old (probably stolen from grandpa’s garage at one point) and I was so worried it was going to spill the entire ride back to his car.  Plus, he was actually complaining it was hard to fill.  So…we survived and lived to tell the story.

A week later, I am handed the SmartControl Gas Container to check out and review and I can’t believe the irony.  This is a 5 gallon super durable can that meets all EPA and CARB regulations.  It has this neato self venting spout that is both spill and child proof.  (I’ll be sure to let you know if it is husband proof!)  You legit will fill this baby without a spill and it has such great pouring control you will have no issue using it for whatever comes your way (emergencies, lawn mowers, recreational vehicles etc).  The can only costs around $25 making it super affordable for peace of mind!  Grab one today; I know Home Depot sells them!


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