Carpe Antiperspirant – Review

New Year New You…Right?

If you are like me you may be heading back to the gym after the holiday binge eating and drinking.  Be prepared with the best in antiperspirants.  We are loving the products from CARPE and wanted to share with all of you.

Underarm Stick ($20 each; cheaper if you buy a 2/3/6 pack).  This is a dermatologist recommended product that comes in fragrance free, Eucalyptus and other great scents.  Product is non greasy and dries pretty quickly.  We recommend applying at night and again in the morning.  Ingredients include Eucalyptus Oil and their unique active ingredient aluminum sesquichlorohydrate.

Antiperspirant Hand Lotion ($15 each; cheaper if you buy a 2/3/6 pack).  Do your hands sweat? If so this product is a must.  Same great ingredients; apply after washing and drying your hands.  and rub the lotion in completely.

Underarm Antiperspirant Lotion ($20): easy to use tube in three great scents (original eucalyptus, coastal orange and fresh cotton).  This is a great option.  Very easy to apply and it feels so smooth on your underarms.  You will feel dry ASAP after applying.  Apply before bed and then again in the AM.  Nighttime application is needed for this lotion to do its job.

Men’s Groin Powder ($20): ok the men in my house jumped at the option of trying this out.  This is friction free power that is totally non-irritating.  This is super easy to use and will shield against that pesky chafing.  The menthol and marigold/rosemary/sage/aloe vera extracts make the whole application a “cool” one.

Check these and their other great products out!