Great Pet Products For Their New Year!

With a New Year upon us, we are all looking to “better ourselves”.  How about the pets and furry friends in our lives??  These are some new products we think you MUST have for your Fido!

Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes (17.95) this cool company brings us balms, toothbrush and body wipes for our pets.  We received their toothbrush wipes and couldn’t be happier to have tried them.  These are pre-moistened and will stop and reduce bacterial growth.  They promote fresh breath and whiter teeth too!  Of course this will prevent disease and keep your best friend with you even longer!

Petlibro Granary Automatic Pet Feeder ($69.99):  this is a must if you work long hours and need to make sure your pet is kept fed.  It keeps every bite super fresh (no stale food sitting around for your pet anymore).  You can actually record your voice/favorite command or saying too so your pet will know exactly when it is time to eat even in your absence.  They won’t play with the machine due to these cool sensors that stop the machine when it detects any obstruction.  It is very easy to use and clean and can be charged via USB.

Paw Struck Collagen Sticks and Braids ($15.99):  This company brings such awesome treats for your pet.  Their collagen sticks are long-lasting, easy on their stomachs and support a healthy skin/coat.  These products are all natural and contain no chemicals or hormones.  The beef used in them are from free-range and grass-fed cattle.  And hey.. if your pup is busy chewing on these awesome sticks and braids they aren’t bored and possibly chewing on your furniture!

Happy Go Healthy® Bites ($14.95-48.95): these products are amazing dog supplements for all breeds aiming at their immune health.  That is music to our ears especially in this crazy world.  They offer options in skin/coat, daily wellness and calm.  We love their Daily Wellness Supplements that come with probiotics, prebiotics, salmon oil, tumeric, seaweed and more.  The quality is just the best!  And our doggie gobbles them right up!

Check these all out!