Cars We Love: Chevy Bolt

Trying to be a little more sustainable in your everyday life? We know a car that’s perfect for trekking the kids around while utilizing less fuel. The Chevy Bolt may look small from its outward appearance, but this little car fits more than you think.

Featuring large windows, a spacious front, a lot of headroom and a 10.2–inch diagonal color touch screen, the Bolt has a ton of great safety features that will ease your mind and keep your family out of harms way when you’re on the road.

The Bolt has a bunch of great safety options including; forward collision alert – that can help detect if you’re heading too close to something, a lane changing alert with a side blind zone alert – for when cars are approaching you a little too quickly, and a rear park assistance that helps detect if an object is too close when you’re backing up.

But the coolest option that’s different than other vehicles is the rear-view mirror that can double as a video screen, which is actually easier to see than the sun reflecting mirrors we’re more used to. The camera gives an all-around view of what’s behind you, so you can be confident in leaving your driveway or a parking spot.

This car is an extremely affordable eco-friendly vehicle that is easy to “fuel up” and gets 238 miles of electric range with a full charge – that’s 25 miles per hour of charging with its 240-volt/32-amp charging unit.

And just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it is slow. The Bolt has a great pick up and charges fast at its convenient charging stations that you can find around town.

The tablet screen can display all your information including battery levels, range estimation, charge settings and climate controls. You can also control your music!

Starting at just $36,620, the Chevy Bolt can be found at any Chevrolet dealership nationwide. Make the smart choice today – save on fuel cost and help save the environment with this great little (but fast!) car.

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