Keebos Is A Keepo!

Just spent a nice Saturday at the beach with the kids and my new Keebos.  This is s super convenient necklace of sorts for your iPhone that helps you keep your hands free for all your other summer afternoon essentials!  I went with the “cross body” look but you can also where around your neck.  It wasn’t heavy; it was comfortable and worked like a charm since no one in this house carries even a towel from the car to the sand anyhow (LOL).
When the girls started doing cartwheels in the sand grabbing my phone to video them was super easy from the pouch to the hand in two seconds!  This thing will be great on my next Disney adventure too!  Oh and the pouch is big enough that you can toss in your credit card, license and cash as well!
Keebos cost around $35.00 and come in a few color choices that will match all your outfits.  I have to say again how comfortable the strap was; I am usually leery of stuff like this because I hate when something hangs on me but I was so super happy all afternoon!

Think beach, hiking, amusement park, boardwalk or even just running the kids around at the playground.  You will not wanna leave home without this mommy must again!


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