CBD for Pets

Taking care of your pets is not always easy since they cannot explain their problems to you in words. Issues like anxiety and chronic pain are therefore even harder to handle. Early research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may help pets with conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures. Many pet owners have found success in using CBD for their pets’ joint pain and discomfort. Especially in older animals, prescription medications can be risky, simply because of the side effects.

But, since there haven’t been many studies done on using CBD in animals, it is important to discuss whether it is a good choice for your pet with a veterinarian who has experience with CBD. If your veterinarian recommends CBD for your pet, you’ll want to make sure you avoid products with problematic ingredients (like artificial sweeteners) and follow the dosing recommendations.

And of course, please make sure CBD is legal where you live.

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Palm Organix offers high-quality CBD and has a dedicated pet line. Their CBD oils for pets contain the same formula as the human products; they are just unflavored.  They use beneficial MCT oil (fractioned coconut oil) as the carrier oil. MCT oil is said to help with inflammation and problems taking in fat or nutrients. It can also give more energy. These are really the only two ingredients! The tinctures of Palm Organix are very pure, as proven by third-party lab tests. They are THC-free and of premium quality.

If you’re interested in giving your pup or cat the best CBD for pets out there, look no further. Palm Organix has you and your furry friends covered. Right now, they are offering free shipping on all orders.

Again, please follow the guidelines of your veterinarian and Palm Organix.