Father’s Day Gifts for Travel

Sometimes you have a dad who likes to travel. Maybe he’s a husband who has conferences across the country and that’s just what he does.  Need a Father’s Day gift for a traveling dad? We compiled our list of the top gadgets that would make great Father’s Day gifts for dads who travel.

Carry-Ons by Monos

Monos carry-ons are the coolest carry-ons that I’ve seen. What makes them amazing? Well, first of all, they are climate-neutral and quite wonderful at protecting the earth. They are ridiculously light and are also brilliantly designed. Inside there’s space for the laptop as well as all of your carry-on stuff. Between the environmental impact as well as the design of these bags, these have to be one of the most well-designed bags I’ve seen.

Manfrotto Mini Tripod


Most times, tripods are quite terrible. See, if they’re full-sized, they just aren’t portable. If they’re sized as in this image, they generally can never hold the camera. But now, here we are, this actually holds a full camera.  Manfrotto‘s Pixo EVO2 is the only mini tripod that I’ve seen which can actually hold a full-sized camera.  This is also amazing for travel as you really can just throw this in any backpack and keep running around.

MPOWERD Luci Solar Bike Light Set

luci lights

Luci by Mpowerd is a rechargeable bike light set that snaps on and off in a flash. I love the fact that once you pop on this solar charger, well you never have to worry about batteries. But usually, when I travel, I’m always grabbing the hotel’s bicycle and going for a quick ride and I love that I can throw these right in my bag when traveling.

Apparel by Heat Holders
heat holders
heat holders

Heat Holders are specially designed to keep you warm so if you’re traveling to a place in the cold, this is perfect. Okay, what you see here are the socks and top. But what you don’t know is these are probably the warmest socks and top that I’ve ever tried. They advertise as the warmest socks and so far, I can’t argue with how warm they felt.  This is so nice for a cold autumn trip. Sure, we’re entering summer but if you’re traveling anywhere cold, then this is for you.

Hope these give you some ideas for Father’s Day gifts for dads who travel. See some of our other ideas for dads to enjoy at home and for dads who work from home!