CBD Oil – There Are Benefits!

My body has been sore and the stress levels have been a bit higher in 2020. When I’m not writing blogs, I’m teaching mindfulness and doing administration work at a Center for Integrative Medicine. Back in February when it wasn’t considered a health risk to go out in public, I attended a research conference in San Diego.  I  always knew that CBD oil was good, but I didn’t realize all the research search that’s been happening around it. Known benefits of CBD oil: regulate stress and manage pain amongst promoting restful sleep, treating depression, effective in helping with PTSD, arrests certain cancerous growths, strengthens the cardiovascular system, treats irritable bowel syndrome, anti-inflammatory properties, and the list goes on.

I’ve been putting some brands to the test. I recently tried Lokus. Taking 2 soft-gels a day seemed to do the trick for me. Easy to take and there are noticeable effects. I’m feeling less tension in my body. To me, this translates to less stress. Also, my back hasn’t been hurting as intensely. 

Lokus cannabidiol oil is made from organic hemp. No additives or preservatives. Lokus was created by a team interested in health and wellness. They wanted a way to bring healing to people without having them digest toxins. They believed that cannabis was a healthy way. No THC simply the healing properties of hemp without the psychoactive effects.

Oh! Also, when comparing prices. They are reasonable. A package of 30 soft-gels runs $65. Really not bad for a high-quality product.