Pamper The Scruffy Dad In Your Life

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I know from my own home and my neighbors around me that this year is sure to be “hairier” than usual.  Everyone for sure needs a trim/shave/color/clean up that is for certain.  I have a couple of great ideas/items here for you to pick up for the dad in your life.  These are quality and he will for sure love them!

Scruffy Jacks: This California based company offers “simple and honest” grooming products for men.  These are geared towards the “outdoorsy” man; someone who bikes, hikes, climbs, runs, skis etc.  They are all light products with really natural fragrances.  The company really did their research so you can be sure that you are applying only healthy ingredients to your skin.  Also, I am happy to report that these are green and fully sustainable products as well!  The hubby tried out so far the Natural Beard Oil as well as the Natural Beard Wax.  The wax is really awesome.  The scent is second to none.  Tobacco/Bay Leaf is such a manly and distinguished scent.  It also contains oils, mango butter and beeswax all ingredients combined for the perfect hold.  It is easy to use; just work it through your fingers to the desired shape and hold.  The Beard Oil supports growth and keeps your beard soft without all the stiffness of a wax if that is more your speed.  Same awesome refined scent and you just need a few drops to work through your beard.  These both also come in a bergamot/grapefruit scent as well.  These run around $18.00 per item and are true quality!

Good Guy Wellness: here is a fantastic company that knows that hair loss can bring down your confidence.  You take care of your family every day and deserve the very best.  The hubby has been sampling their Hair Regrowth Shampoo and Conditioner and it is working out wonderfully!  (don’t tell him I told you)!  Use these in the shower like you would any other product and let the thioctic acid, L-carnitine and saw palmetto do their thing.  Biotin is gonna step in as the nutrient and you will truly see a difference.

Check out both these companies ASAP!