Celebration Stadium Is A Must For Your Next VIP Party!

Now that we can all finally get back out there and celebrate events more easily with friends and family I am noticing so many cool new things to have at your next party!

This week I gave the amazing Celebration Stadium to my niece to use at her mothers 75th Birthday.  This product is basically a flame-resistant, finished aluminum “stadium” that will perfectly hold up to 100 candles or decorations and surround your cake, cupcake tower, muffins, and more!  It is like a beautiful chorus of light around the cake that celebrates the person of the night!

It did not take long at all to set up.  The enclosed instructions made sense and were simple to follow.   I also want to mention that as soon as we were finished using it, it was easy to take apart and store for the next occasion.  Side note – in this germy world we live in, kind of a cool idea to be able to move the cake aside from the candle tower when blowing out the candles to keep everyone germ free and safe!  I know.. I know.. but definitely worth mentioning!

We received the Smaller Size Candle Holder along with 100 beautiful gold candles.  The cost on these stadiums are pretty reasonable and start at around $50.  Check out the options where you can get your whole celebration in one click of the mouse including the cake!