CEP Compression Socks – Runner’s Review

When you start to run, you start with what you have. Eventually, you buy a good set of running shoes, and when you start a certain distance, you realize how important it is to have good socks.  And when you get to even longer distances, compression socks can give you an extra boost.

image of one of a person's feet who is wearing CEP compression socks

How so?

Compression socks can help runners in several ways. First, they improve circulation by applying gentle pressure to the legs. This helps blood flow more efficiently and reduces the risk of swelling and cramping. The increased blood flow also helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, allowing runners to perform better and recover more quickly after a run.

Compression socks can also help prevent injury by providing additional support to the muscles and joints, especially during high-impact activities like running. The added support can help prevent overuse injuries, such as shin splints, and reduce the risk of ankle, knee, and calf strain.

Additionally, compression socks can also help regulate temperature and keep the feet dry, which can be particularly important for long-distance runners. The moisture-wicking fabric helps prevent blisters and other foot problems, keeping runners comfortable throughout their run.

Now that we know why let’s get to the “which one” part.

I recently tried the CEP Compression socks and I am very happy with them. Of all the socks I’ve tried, they are the best I’ve owned.

As with any running product, you never use them in a competition or even on a long run before trying them first. That is why I wore them on a normal day at home. I could not believe how comfortable they were.

The next step was to put them to the test: a nice and (very) cold Canadian winter run. At 10 Fahrenheit, it was a nice way to push them to the limit. They kept me warm and I felt very stable in the snowy streets.

I love CEP Compression socks. I will definitively have to try the other products they sell: shirts, tights, windbreakers, etc.

Check them out online.