Ghost Democracy

My skincare routine is very simple. It includes barely even wearing any make-up, washing my face in the morning and evening, and moisturizing. I like my skin to feel clean and fresh, but I do have issues with rosacea and dry skin sometimes. My skin is very sensitive, so whatever I use on it I want to be natural. I’ve tried different “all-natural” products however I still have breakouts and my skin sometimes flares up. With this in mind, I recently tried Ghost Democracy.

The first thing that I loved about Ghost Democracy is the exhaustive list of ingredients found in its Restricted Ingredient Library. This is a company that wants to ensure that its customers are using safe products. They also include the Ingredient Library—what they use in their products and the benefits. They are very transparent and stand by their products.

This is what I sampled:

image of opened box of Ghost Democracy products: Transparent Gentle Exfoliating Daily Cleaner, Floodgate Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and Ghost Democracy Clean Lightweight Daily Face Moisturizer Ghost Democracy’s philosophy includes a higher standard of cleanliness, accessibility to everyone, and effectiveness. They use higher percentage concentrations of lead ingredients for high-performance skincare.

First, I washed my face with the daily cleanser which felt gentle and left my skin feeling well-cleansed and brighter. A how-to video on applying the cleanser can be found on their website.

Second, I added a few drops of the serum. It added a healthy-looking glow.

Finally, I added the daily face moisturizer. It was non-greasy, refreshing, and hydrating. My skin soaked it up as it really needed relief. I absolutely loved the face moisturizer!

All of the Ghost Democracy products I tried get a thumbs up. I would buy these products again and recommend them to a friend.


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