Cheese from A Dutch Masterpiece

I am a huge cheese lover, so when I heard the words “cheeseboard” and “wine,” I was all in! I participated in a virtual cheeseboard class by Jen & Jamey. Jen and Jamey has a variety of online courses, and the best part is that they will send you all the ingredients you need for a very affordable price. The class was excellent, and I learned how to make salami flowers!  Look at that photo and tell me that doesn’t look like a professional charcuterie board?  This class was honestly so much fun and the fact that you had all


The stars of the cheeseboard were the four kinds of cheese provided by A Dutch Masterpiece. The rinds are beautifully packaged with one of the artist’s masterpieces on the rind. These cheeses are made in the Netherlands using Dutch milk from the largest dairy coop. My favorite is the Frans Hals, a goat cheese aged for six months. It had a mild gost cheese flavor and had a great texture. The Vincent is a combination of gouda and parmesan and was so flavorful!  As someone who is trying to eat healthy, cheese is my downfall. I’ve tried many low fat cheeses and they don’t have the richness of a full fat cheese. The Vermeer made me very happy! It is a low fat cheese but still rich-tasting.


A Dutch Masterpiece is probably best known for the Rembrandt, an extra aged gouda at twelve months. This cheese was my daughter’s favorite. It is very versatile and can be sliced or shredded as well. She loves making grilled cheese sandwiches using “high end” cheeses and this one is one of her favorites to use. Parents- broaden your kids horizons with this one!

Overall, this is a wonderful addition to our repertoire of meals and learning how to present the cheese really brings holiday parties to the next level.

Check out: A Dutch Masterpiece.


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