Omnom Chocolate as Winter Collection

To be abundantly clear, Omnom is probably my favorite chocolate right now. It comes straight from Iceland and the spotlights of the chocolate has come out with a winter collection that fits its Icelandic theme.

These are three glorious redesigned chocolates put together an adorable gift pack. I love the fact that it has the northern lights and follows that Nordic style theme. each wrapper is designed to blend into the pattern of the next wrapper With a whale in the northern lights merging into the deer followed by the seals.

The three chocolatier or dark nibs/raspberry, milk and cookies, and spice white and caramel. The three pack isn’t a bad deal at all for 24.99$ , and it has free shipping over 50 so if you order 2+ something else for yourself you can get free shipping straight from Iceland.

If you’ve never tried OmNom, go to the website and take it vantage of the shipping special. These are high in chocolates and honestly at the price point it is not a bad deal whatsoever relative to what you’re getting. My best friend went to Iceland on a trip last summer and she actually is the one introduced me to them and I fell in love, so this certainly is also a nice present for anybody who is into things Iceland.