Cheez-It Launches Cheez-It Puff’d

Cheez-It just came out with a new version of Cheez-It called Cheez-It Puff’d. As you can see in the photo they have flavors of double cheese white cheddar and scorching hot cheddar.

If your question is the usual of how do they taste, they definitely are something different. They have the light airy feel of a Cheetoh and Scorchin Hot Cheddar is definitely not far off from the flaming hot Cheetos that my husband is addicted to.

The Double Cheese is labeled as having 100% real cheese inside and out and definitely, has a unique texture to it. I actually can’t even describe the texture because it is definitely something That I have not had before.

By far my favorite has to be the White Cheddar which has a very strong and wonderful cheddar flavor to it.

I’m sure soon enough, the time will come when the Super Bowl is here and I will be curious to see how viral or not this goes with the big game. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it’s kind of interesting to see people coming out with new products just before the game. I have no interest in who’s playing but I am interested in the latest snacks coming out.