tooktake Reminds Me!

Who doesn’t need a reminder to make sure you take all your necessary supplements and medications? I mean I try everyday to take all my vitamins (and I keep adding more because of this never ending scary pandemic) yet sometimes I get so busy I totally forget my routine and find myself not fully charged at 10PM.  When I was sent a few sample sheets from tooktake I was thrilled to give them a try.

The best part is that you don’t have to set any annoying alarms, or program any “hard to use” apps on your phone or tablet.  All you have to do is peel them off their backing, put them on your container/bottle and remove the tab when you take your “dose”.  You can then easily look at the bottle and determine by tab count if you took today’s or still need to.  Could not be easier!  They offer varieties for all your needs like daily, hourly. 7-10 days (great for antibiotics) and monthly!  They are very practical and very affordable (about $5 a set).  You can even get a mixed pack should you have multiple needs like my household!

You really need to check these out!  Really helping out my husband and I!