Chicago on Broadway – Amra-Faye Wright

Chicago has been running for 25 years on Broadway and is a Quintessential New York show. It is the perfect addition for any family with teens visiting New York.


There is something unique that stands out about Bob Fosse‘s choreography and direction; you can understand it immediately upon seeing it. It has a unique flavor to it that is reflected perfectly in the performance of Chicago. If you are getting your kid into Broadway then Chicago is a great way to introduce them to classic musicals.


In this particular performance, Amra-Faye Wright who played Velma has been performing this role for literally decades. To see this 61-year-old powerhouse go full speed with people half her age is inspirational and amazing.  It’s a great way to show your kids that even if your older nothing should stop you from following your dreams.


This isn’t a show to take anyone too young. For the average preteen, while the story might be dark, it is not too far above them. It’s also a very visual show in terms of the dance choreography. it’s perfect as an introduction to Broadway as the show casts a spotlight on the dancing perfectly. Chicago is Broadway at its core.