Conrad Midtown – Just Next to Broadway

The Conrad Midtown location is exactly where you’d want to be if you’re visiting NYC to see some Broadway shows and explore Times Square. It is close enough to get to the shows and the adventure of Times Square but far enough to get away when the commotion starts driving you crazy.


Manhattan in and of itself can be quite an adventure, especially with kids. It’s an overwhelming place, especially if you’re bringing kids who are not used to this sort of atmosphere. Manhattan can be chaotic and quite boisterous.

The Conrad Midtown is an oasis. The room itself is impeccable. Of course, true to the Conrad name, everything is immaculate and modern. The two-room suite allows enough space to throw the kids in one area and give mom and dad a temporary rest. It also allows some younger ones a quieter place to nap. All parents need coffee, and the room comes with complimentary and unlimited Nespresso.


Another example of excellent service was when my teen daughter had a moment where she could not get up before the sunset. I’m sure if you have teens, you’ve experienced this yourself. It’s rather hard to get up in the first 12 hours of the day. As soon as we walked through the lobby, they had our room serviced.


The location is perfect but what makes it stand out from the others in the area is its staff. The two doormen were wearing the coolest hats I’ve ever seen. We were always greeted in a friendly and genuine manner, plus these two are probably the coolest dudes I’ve seen in a while.

The rest of the staff was continually attentive and truly welcoming and friendly. One highlight to me was how they texted after a few hours just to make sure that everything was to our liking. When the staff followed up with things, they actively tried to find where they could help and proactively make a difference.


And these are some of the reasons that make it a pretty good idea for any family escape. We have the location, which, as the mantra goes, really does mean everything. We have the room itself, some overlooking central park with two separate spaces making for a spacious stay. Finally,  the exceptional service provided.