Chit Chat Stroller

chit chat

My aunt really loves her stroller.  I help her with the kids sometimes (especially over the summer break) and I notice she can’t stop talking about this Chit Chat Stroller from Larktale.

Things she says she loves about it include how lightweight and compact it is for traveling.  She says it is very easy to load in and out of the trunk.  Also kind of cool and something I realized myself is that this stroller is recyclable.   Oh, and this would be a really good option for grandparents since like I said before, it really isn’t heavy.

It folds up really cool and has a handle, making it easy to move around with.  It also comes with this really convenient shoulder strap.  The fabric and canopy are made from this fabric that protects the baby from the sun.  There is storage underneath and on the back of the seat too.  The seat reclines really well.  It has a 5-point safety harness which makes it very safe.  The back wheels are larger which makes for a smoother ride, my aunt says.

Other cool things about the Chit Chat Stroller include the cup holder for my decaf latte and the break on the wheel you can use even if you are wearing flip-flops or open-toe shoes.  Six great color options and the cost is about $199.99.  You can find it also at your favorite baby retailer.