Contours Bravo 3-Stage Potty Review

We have barely potty-trained our first child, and there we find ourselves in diapers again! But this time I am ready! That potty training will be no issue with the Contours Bravo 3-Stage Potty!

1. It starts as a potty seat. But with a unique, extra wide splash guard that helps keep messes to a minimum! With a soft, foldable design, this innovative splash guard is perfect for both boys and girls and is transferable to toilet trainer mode!

Contours Bravo 3 Stage Potty 1Contours Bravo 3 Stage Potty 2


2. Toilet Trainer Mode: Then the potty transforms into its detachable toilet trainer and a removable step stool with anti-slip. With the adjustable tabs, you can fit the toilet trainer to all standard toilet seats, whether they are round or elongated.

Contours Bravo 3 Stage Potty 3

3. Step Stool. Help your little one get up on the toilet all by themselves, and wash their own hands at the sink. Nothing better than this slip-safe step stool to help them be independent! Supports up to 200 lb!

Okay, so first of all, I love the design of this modern potty! I know it is not all that important, but I have to look at it all day long, so I am happy it is not screaming with loud colors, “Here I am! Look at me!”

The removable waste cup is just plain awesome. It detaches easily and quickly from the potty and is big enough to hold it all but small enough to fit in any sink. That makes me happy, as I can keep this potty clean without hassle. Not to mention the splash guard, which avoids a lot of accidents! And you can add the splash guard to the toilet trainer mode.

You can hang the toilet trainer on a hook, so visiting adults can still use the toilet without having to handle the potty of your child. The grey bottom comes out as a step stool for later on. The fun thing is, that both sides have slip-resistant grips. so the potty seat is slip-resistant, but so is the step stool!

No wonder the Contours Bravo 3-Stage Potty won Mom’s Choice Award! I highly recommend this potty as an all-in-one. You get it all for the small prize of $39.99: a potty, toilet trainer, and step stool! A great baby shower gift if you ask me!