Mr. Christopher Radko Interview


In a recent interview, I had the opportunity to sit down with the renowned artist, Mr. Christopher Radko, whose intricate glass-blown ornaments have graced countless homes around the world for decades. Radko, who is now in his second year with his new line, HeARTfully Yours™, shared insights into his creative process, international collaborations, and the challenges he has faced along the way.

“My ornaments are known for their intricacy and color and craftsmanship,” Radko began when I asked about his creative process. “I’m inspired by what my parents and grandparents put on their Christmas trees. Also, when I design it’s similar to perhaps the way a composer will compose a new song. I just become quiet and close my eyes, and the shapes and forms and colors flow into my mind, and I can hardly keep up because there are so many ideas.”

One of the distinctive aspects of Radko’s work is the international collaboration involved in its creation. Radko noted the significance of this, saying, “So many of our American traditions come from Europe. Glass ornaments had their origin in Europe, and I am recreating a tradition and breathing new life into a century-old tradition.”

A poignant moment in the interview came when Radko shared his connection with Ukrainian Easter egg painters, who were once part of his creative process. He explained, “Not only do Ukrainians have this Easter egg tradition, they also make Christmas ornaments as well. So, I thought it was a wonderful idea to apply Ukrainian folk-art designs to my line of ornaments. I interpreted and reworked them around Christman ornaments to support the artisans because I knew their economy was being ruined by the war, so I wanted to support them. But two factories got bombed and destroyed, so I was not able to continue.” Radko used the proceeds from his ornaments to contribute to charitable causes, including Doctors Without Borders.

Radko’s journey into ornament design began with a Christmas mishap, which he recounted in detail. “It all started with my family’s 12-foot Christmas tree crash,” he said. “I had purchased a new tree stand that was a bit too flimsy and it could not support the weight of the tree. When it came crashing down, most, if not all, of the ornaments were broken.” This mishap led him to explore glass-blown ornaments, eventually launching his brand in 1986.

Throughout his career, Radko’s ornaments have garnered a fan base that includes celebrities such as Kris and Kylie Jenner, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, and Hugh Jackman. He shared some memorable encounters, including crafting special ornaments for Hugh Jackman during his role in “Music Man.” Radko explained, “While the whole cast wore red jackets, Hugh wore a white jacket. So, I made white jacketed ornaments for him and red jacketed ornaments for the rest of the cast.”

In his current venture with HeARTfully Yours™, Radko continues to make charitable contributions to causes close to his heart, including AIDS research, heart disease, and food insecurity. “My ornaments go the extra mile by raising much-needed funds for these vital non-profits and programs,” he emphasized.

Radko’s return to the world of holiday ornaments with HeARTfully Yours™ has been met with enthusiasm from collectors. When asked about what collectors and fans can expect from his new collection, Radko said, “I think collectors are thrilled to know the designs are designed by me, all of my ornaments are made in Europe, and people love the whimsical designs. If someone is looking for nutcrackers, they will find nutcrackers. If someone is looking for snowmen, they will find snowmen.”

As he continues this new chapter in his life, Radko shared his vision for the future of HeARTfully Yours™ and his continued legacy in the world of holiday ornaments. “This is my second year, so this is my second collection. 80 percent of my collection is new every year,” he explained. “Collectors know that I care, and it tends to emit warm emotions and memories. My ornaments are memory makers. You get to recreate memories from my ornaments. Your tree becomes like a family diary.”

Mr. Christopher Radko, the artist behind HeARTfully Yours™, has not only brought joy to homes around the world with his exquisite ornaments but also continued to support meaningful causes through his work. With a legacy spanning decades, his return to ornament design has been welcomed with open arms by collectors and fans alike, promising many more cherished memories to come.

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