Cicada Hits Driver of a Car in Cincinnati

Cicada CincinnatiLast night June 7, 2021 the Cincinnati police department reported that a car accident occurred because A cicada flew through an open window in the face of a driver.


I was already terrified about Brood 10 as this supposedly is one of the biggest broods of cicadas that come out of the year. According to their Wikipedia, these are one of the larger breeds hiding out for 1

7 years, and then they lovingly cover the entire Northeast. Fortunately, there are reports that the Long Island population (where I live)  has nearly died off, so this seems to be isolated and away from where I am driving.


The Cincinnati Police Department was kind of hysterical in the replies as they admitted they did not cite the driver or the bug.


If you’ve not seen a cicada, they are large, ugly, and unbelievably loud. Picture a law mower the size of a fist flying into your face.


It is scary enough to see these ugly cicadas but now to see the potential damage of having one fly into my face and thereby hit a telephone pole, I am terrified. I will no longer drive with anything but the windows up in the air conditioning on full.  This has brought my fear of cicadas up to an entirely different level and there is not enough therapy for me to get through this.

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