Luna Lights

Herbal cigarettes are all the rage now and I was so excited to get the chance to check out LUNA LIGHTS this past weekend.  These are all-natural, herbal cigarettes made with brujeria for relaxations.  You don’t have to worry here – these are tobacco, THC and CBD Free.  I love this company so much; your order is hand made and full of healing herbs so extra “TLC” time is required.  I want to give the employees a big hug!

Options include Lovers & Friends, A Womxn’s Worth, Metamorphosis, and Parting the Sea. 

I started off with Parting the Sea.  The herbs here help rid your body of toxins and cleanse your mind.  Ingredients include Hyssop, Red Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, and Rose Mint.  Metamorphis helps relieve anxiety and boost energy and positive emotions.  Ingredients include Damiana, Lavender, Butterfly Pea Petals, Sage and Mint.  A Womxn’s Worth is the most amazing thing on earth!  This one going to give you the energy you need to tackle your busy day!  It promotes brain health and helps with your overall mood as well!  Finally, Lovers & Friends will have you ready for love.  This is a great mix of rose petals, sage, damiana and lavender.  It will bring out your sensual self, calm your nerves and even serve as an aphrodisiac.  If you don’t know which one to choose, grab up Transcend It All and get a mixed pack of 10 of these blends.