Cinco De Ready with Prepara Products

I couldn’t be more excited that Cinco De Mayo is on a weekend.  Like all the stars are aligned here.  I mean really.  I decided to have some buddies come over and hang on Sunday and logically we have a Mexican food/drink theme going.

First stop was tequila and margarita mix; I mean I am an exhausted mother.  But then I got serious about the food.  We gotta have guacamole, salsa, chips, tacos and all the fixings.  After my menu was made and my shopping list prepared I started thinking decor.  This is when my learning about Prepara came into play.  How cool is this company?!?

I have such great new taco accessories for my big soire.  Their taco spoons are an awesome option for all the prep bowls.  A set of two is only $4.99 and are super colorful.  No more mess on the table!

Next up and perfect with the spoons is a 3 section tray.  Get your tomatoes, onions and lettuce all ready!  This comes in two great color options (blue/yellow) and costs around $25.00.

Now how about eating the taco without all the mess? Dare I suggest taco organization here? Please consider checking out this fine company’s single and multi taco holders.  They are perfectly shaped to hold both hard and soft taco shells.  They come in an array of colors and beautiful artwork.  They cost $3.99 for the single and $6.99 fr the multi (holds 2-3 tacos).

All these products are super sturdy and made from melamine.  This is such a great and unique company and you simply must check out these and their other amazing products!

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