Candles and Music….The Best End To Our Hectic Workdays!

I love me a clever product – I see so many in this line of work but every now and then a product grabs hold of my heart and my mind and I just have to tell everyone who will listen about it!  This holds true for Cadence Candle Co.  Imagine a soy and coconut wax blended candle that comes with a handcrafted playlist.  This creates the most amazing vibe/energy and is quite honestly hitting a “zen” level in my house.

I am loving Candle No 1 (The World Is Yours – Cedar/Amber) which was paired with an amazing hip hop playlist available on spotify and apple music.  Both the candle and the music are warm and the confidence I need just pours out of the speakers as I breathe this awesome smell in.  Three additional options are also available.  Candle 2 (The Sweet Life – Sea Salt and Jasmine) is paired with R&B music.  Candle 3 (Flower Bomb – Wild Rose and Vanilla) carries the best list of pop and dance music around.  Candle 4 (Levitate – White Tea and Thyme) will bring you right into that spa like experience you need after a long day with its relaxing and classical tunes.  I dare you to not like each one of these options no matter what music you prefer.  I have to be honest; between the music and the candle I was in a must more positive and healthy place within 15 minutes.  I know it isn’t the first time that someone lit a candle and played some tunes.  But this is like a genius set up your whole scene for you.  All you have to do is purchase and play.

Available sizes are 4 oz travel tins and 9 oz jars.  They will cost you around 12-25 dollars depending on the size.  There is an easy bar code right on the candle that if you use the camera on your smartphone you will be there 1-2-3.  The whole experience is super easy and super awesome!

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