Citarella – Hampton’s Food Right At Home

Citarella is a beloved gourmet market that delivers its Hampton quality goods both locally and nationally. This all started with Joe Gurrera, a Fulton Fish Market icon.  So now, you have this local aspect that also delivers nationally.


What you see in this photo is their gorgeous That’s So Sweet Box. The box alone is beautiful but of course, it has local treats and even Tates. We’ve covered Tate’s a ton of times so you know they’re local to the Hamptons and quite popular.  But in addition, the box contains other local favorites ranging from: their own Citarella Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars, Dark Chocolate Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Cranberry Mix, Berries Gummies, Nonpareils Milk Chocolate Candy and Orange Taffy.


In addition, our writer checked out elements of their Seafood Tower. We didn’t take a picture yet but it normally contains:

6 Wellfleet Oysters (shucked with the shells on the side)

6 Little Neck Clams (shucked with the shells on the side)

1/2 pound of Large Cooked Shrimp

1 Steamed Lobster

1 pound of King Crab

1 pound of Stone Crab Claws

Cocktail Sauce



Now, one thing to note here. First of all, they shuck it all and put it in a nice little plastic container. That makes this easier.

The overall two big angles here are:

First, it does completely local delivery if you are local. You can order it nationwide to your friends, but you can also jump on Instacart and if you’re in New York City or the Hamptons it’s right there for you.

Secondly, this so reminds me of just all things Hamptons. I mean, I’ve been there quite a few times and there’s a Hampton style. You’re not just getting cookies but you’re getting Tate’s Cookies. You’re not getting just oysters, but shucked oysters.

If you have a friend who is a Hampton’s addict, then this is a great option for them as a gift or just to celebrate a Friday night.