Pillow Slides

After a long day at work/school/life how about the opportunity to walk around the house WITH SHOES ON yet you feel like you are walking on clouds?!

Pillow Slides are just that – I have been enjoying a pair for a few days now and simply had to share them with you! They have this thickness to them which makes them compress while you take your steps.  These are a home run for anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis or any kind of arch issue.  These just became my pair of travel slides too!  They are a must for the airport, car, traveling or just running errands.  You can wear them with or without socks.  Also worth mentioning is that as you walk quickly (let’s face it we are all always in a rush) your feet do not slide out of them like other slides.  I actually really tested them and were completely thrilled.

Things we love about them:

  1. Water Proof
  2. Anti Slip
  3. Great For Travel
  4. Relieves Foot And Joint Pain
  5. Awesome Color Options

The price for these are $29.95 and they come in four great colors (oat latte, ocean blue, pink and black).   I just scooped them up as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom; talk about a great treat!

Check them out!