Classy Ivy Alexander Handbag Holder


image of two Ivy Alexander handbag hooks and their protective bags

The classy Ivy Alexander handbag holder is a must-have for everyone who owns a handbag or purse. This is a luxury handbag hook that keeps your handbag off the floor and within reach. It’s a circular weight with an attached hook that opens up for your handbag to be hung on. It also closes so it’s easily storable in your purse between uses.

There are several reasons not to leave your handbag on the floor.

  • It’s gross and non-hygienic.
  • Someone can steal it.
  • Damage could occur.
  • You could forget it.

Besides serving a very useful purpose, the Ivy Alexander handbag hook is a luxurious accessory made with high-quality materials and looks elegant, as well as artistic. Your beautiful expensive handbag deserves more than a flimsy cheap looking clip.

They have five different designs. I tried the Madison and the Grace.  Ivy Alexander has designed both of these beautifully with the signature brand.

How does it stay secure and in place? Your handbag hangs from the hook which you place on a countertop or table. The handbag hook secures handbags of most sizes and weights with the aid of physics and the anti-slip matte design. The disc diameter is 1.38″ and the drop from the table is 1.93″.

Ivy Alexander is charitable and gives back. A percentage of the proceeds goes to the Ivy Alexander Foundation which advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, building strategic alliances, and philanthropy.

You can get an additional 10% off right now with their special Galentine’s Day (a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends) promotion.

Check out Ivy Alexander and its luxurious accessories.